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Colored Hair Extensions

Colored Straight Hair

The straight coloured hair extension is available in many shades. The colour is solid from tip to tip and is made by using the best virgin Indian hair for the process. The hair quality is not compromised at any level. Hence, you get the flow and bounce with the addition of uniform colour through these extensions.
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Colored Wavy Hair

Made using the best quality Virgin Indian hair, the wavy hair coloured extensions are the must have for any woman today. Waves are making high trends this season and no one should be deprived of it. Just add these extensions to your hair and be party ready in less than a minute. The natural shine and consistent colour will make you look every bit stylish.
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Colored Curly Hair

Don\\'t worry about the colours spoiling the quality of your hair anymore. All you need is the curly hair coloured extensions, and you can get the same look by the simple addition of these extensions. The colour is rich and consistent throughout the strands and offers you a gorgeous head of hair without any chemical treatment.
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